Let’s take a walk.


Hey there,

And welcome to my blog. 

When visualizing the mood of this blog, I see myself taking a leisurely stroll with my readers—with you—in the serene redwoods of Northern California, where I live, and having a lively conversation about the things that matter most in life. I envision friends sharing their realizations, aspirations, struggles, and victories with each other with no ego or need to prove anything; Just a sincere attempt to understand more and live better. So, what types of conversation topics can you expect from me on the forest path? What I’m truly interested in life is elevating my state of consciousness beyond the influence of matter. And from there, elevating it even further to attain intense, spontaneous affection toward the absolute, which I believe to be a personal force. The bhakti-yoga tradition I follow calls that force Krishna.

“This stuff’s too esoteric for me,” I hear you mumbling to yourself.  

If that’s how you’re feeling, don’t worry: there are many, many things that fit in the vast space between my high ideals and where I’m currently at. I love talking about many things like science, meditation, psychology, philosophy, creative arts, biohacking, cooking, and so on: more relatable stuff that at least tangentially relates to my ultimate goal in life. And as much as possible, I try to stick to the story form because humans are wired for narratives, and I find it to be the most powerful way of conveying ideas.

As not to make everybody’s foreheads all wrinkly and dry, I’ll also be throwing in some spiritually-minded doodles, graphics, and comics, since humor and visual creativity are a part of who I am. As an appetizer, here’s an oldie that I drew for the harmonist.us online magazine years ago:

Additionally, I’d like to keep you updated on what I’m working on, any new releases, workshops, resources, and so forth.

Sound good? 

Good, we got the introductions out of the way, then! Well, almost. As a final piece of introduction, I’d like to share a link to a short video my monk-friend Mayapur and I made fifteen years ago when pioneering a new bhakti-yoga monastery in the untamed jungle of Costa Rica. I think the video will make you understand something essential about me: I want to dedicate my life to a spiritual cause, and I’m willing to take it pretty far. Consequently, much of my being (and by extension, my writing) deals with the struggles, defeats, and victories that naturally ensue from that dedication. 

Here’s the video (I’m the pale, lanky dude, Mayapur is the dark, shorter one): https://youtu.be/rrRcfW0-__Y

That’s all from my side! I’ll be updating my blog one to two times a month, so do drop by every once in a while. And don’t hesitate to leave comments on the posts if you feel inspired. I’d love that. 

Until the next stroll,